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You want to trade or business with Myanmar, formally known as Burma.
Or you want to know how to do business with Myanmar, and you don’t know how.Myanmar

Myanmar is a country rich in resources.

A country that is current heavily developing with great needs for Western products.
European products in Myanmar are synonymous with high quality products.

Now political an economical reforms are implemented rapidly and the borders of Myanmar are slowly opening there are huge opportunities for European industries. Since these reforms the country is considered to be an ‘Asian growing tiger’. Western companies kan have their products manufactured in Myanmar, while they can also put their western products on the Myanmar’s market.

These are some possibilities of doing business with Myanmar:

  • Myanmar is rich in raw materials (natural gas,crude oil, gem stones)
  • the soil is furtile
  • t is a developing country, therefore not over-regulated, yet
  • working ethics of the Myanmar’s population are very good


  • negotiates import duties on your behalf;
  • applies for licenses in your name;
  • applies for patents for you;
  • advises about making business plans;
  • offers negotiation skills with the Myanmar’s      Government;
  • gives advice concerning legal matters in      Myanmar;
  • approaches suppliers;
  • finds import and export partners for you.

We are mainly involved in the following fields:

  • energy, chemical, medical, civilian and      agricultural sector;
  • power supply, telecom;
  • heavy and light industries;
  • manufacturing;
  • low-cost labor and highly-skilled employees;
  • port services;
  • transport and logistics;
  • mediation between companies and the Government;
  • setting up meetings for Government      representatives, Secretaries and company representatives;
  • making arrangements for registration of foreign      companies in Myanmar;
  • Assistance in finding proper business space;
  • setting up and opening business premises and      offices;
  • arranging and implementing projects in several      industries;
  • looking for investors concerning the real estate      sector, for housing, hotels, etc.;
  • gathering and sharing information concerning      investing in Myanmar.

You can request a consultation in the Netherlands where we can give you an extensive consult on all aspects of doing business with Myanmar.